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Hexo plugin to generate index pages from custom front matter variables.

ℹ️ This project is a fork from hexo-index-anything by Levi Wheatcroft, who is no longer maintaining the project. I have refactored the code and introduced some new features ... see below.


Suppose you have an author variable in your front matter, this plugin will generate an overview page of all authors (called INDEX) and for each author, a listing page with all posts by that author (POSTS).

You can define multiple indexes to be created, by configuring several index-mappings out of your Frontmatter variables (see Configuration).


The Frontmatter data of the following two posts...


title: First Post
author: Maria


title: Second Post
author: Jonas


title: Third Post
author: Jonas

... will lead to:

  • ../output/author/index.html
    INDEX file with a link list of all authors

  • ../output/author/maria.html
    POSTS file with list of all posts from Maria, here 'First Post' only

  • ../output/author/jonas.html
    POSTS file with list of all posts from Jonas, here 'Second Post' and 'Third Post'

If you have activated the Hexo configuration attribute post_asset_folder, then the output will be:

  • ../output/author/index.html
  • ../output/author/maria/index.html
  • ../output/author/jonas/index.html


npm install hexo-generator-anything --save



To configure the plugin, add following section to your Hexo's root _config.yml:

  layout_index: anything-index
  layout_posts: anything-posts
    - variable: author
      path: author
    - variable: my-other-variable
      path: others

The settings in depth:

Settings Description
layout_index EJS template for processing INDEX file
(if not set, Hexo's default index.ejs will be used)
layout_posts EJS template for processing POSTS file
(if not set, Hexo's default index.ejs will be used)
index_mappings List of Anything mappings
... variable Frontmatter variable in your posts to generate an index of
... path Part of the path of the output files, which represents the index

You can find examples for layout_index.ejs and layout_posts.ejs in the package samples folder under /node_modules/hexo-generator-anything/ after installation. Place the files in your Hexo's layout folder.

Additional Markdown Files

For generating the INDEX page, you can enrich the information about each author (variable value = key), by providing a Markdown file in in your sources folder: ../source/anything/{index}/{key}.

To stay with the example above, we have in index called authors and two keys: maria and jonas:

|- source
|  |- _anything
|  |  |- authors
|  |  |  |-> maria.md
|  |  |  |-> jonas.md 

Each of these files has to have at least one Frontmatter variable called title, where you can overwrite the default key string (value of the index variable in the posts). You can extend the Frontmatter with as many variables as you want and use it in your INDEX EJS template.

The content of the MD file will also be available in the data for generating the INDEX page.


title: Marias Posts
avatar: ./photos/maria.jpg
email: maria@my-domain.com

Maria is writer of the month. Don't miss her tweets on [https://twitter.com/maria](https://twitter.com/maria)

The INDEX page itself, may have a linked Markdown file too, to provide content or additional data:

|- source
|  |- _anything
|  |  |- authors
|  |  |  |-> index.md
|  |  |  |-> ...


Install, configure, then run hexo generate as usual.


Yes, please ... fork the project, make your changes and submit pull requests against the main branch.


I have created this project for my blog and I use it to group some posts into series. You can see the result at: https://kiko.io/series

More Information

I have a section for this project on my blog with posts regarding this project (automatically generated by this plugin ;) at http://kiko.io/projects/hexo-generator-anything



  • Path fix (Lowercase)


  • Replaced vulnerable string.js library


  • Refactorings
  • Introducing Markdown file for INDEX page
  • titleSeparator setting removed
  • Updated samples


  • Markdown data fix


  • Initial version


MIT : http://opensource.org/licenses/MIT

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