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All in one. Minifier & Optimization plugin for Hexo. Since most of the optimize plugin for HEXO have been deprecated, and HEXO has upgraded to 3.XX, so I decide to implement this plugin.


$ npm install hexo-all-minifier --save

For Mac User, maybe you need to install somthing more

$ brew install libtool automake autoconf nasm


Integrate all the official minifier plugins of HEXO and a imagemin plugin:

Thanks for their works.


  enable: true
  ignore_error: false
  • enable - Enable the plugin. Defaults to true.
  • ignore_error - Ignore the error occurred on parsing html
  • exclude: Exclude files

  enable: true
    - '*.min.css'
  • enable - Enable the plugin. Defaults to true.
  • exclude: Exclude files

  enable: true
  mangle: true
    - '*.min.js'
  • enable - Enable the plugin. Defaults to true.
  • mangle: Mangle file names
  • output: Output options
  • compress: Compress options
  • exclude: Exclude files

  enable: true
  interlaced: false
  multipass: false
  optimizationLevel: 2
  pngquant: false
  progressive: false
  • enable - Enable the plugin. Defaults to true.
  • interlaced - Interlace gif for progressive rendering. Defaults to false.
  • multipass - Optimize svg multiple times until it’s fully optimized. Defaults to false.
  • optimizationLevel - Select an optimization level between 0 and 7. Defaults to 2.
  • pngquant - Enable imagemin-pngquant plugin. Defaults to false.
  • progressive - Lossless conversion to progressive. Defaults to false.
  • exclude - Exclude specific types of image files, the input value could be gif,jpg, png, or svg. Default to null.

To be continued