a heroku proxy


heroku-proxy provides a proxy to the Heroku API for express apps. It is intended for use with node-heroku-bouncer.

$ npm install heroku-proxy --save

heroku-proxy assumes that it has the node-heroku-bouncer middleware in front of it. See the node-heroku-bouncer README for configuration instructions.

var express     = require('express');
var herokuProxy = require('heroku-proxy');
var app         = express();
// ...set up heroku-bouncer 

By default, heroku-proxy will proxy all requests to /api/* of any method to api.heroku.com via https. You can override the default options by passing an object into the function returned by the heroku-proxy module:

  hostname: 'localhost',
  port    : 5001,
  prefix  : 'heroku-api',
  protocol: 'http'

Now, a request to /heroku-api/apps will be proxied to http://localhost:5001/apps.

logLog request detailsfalse
hostnameThe hostname to proxy requests toapi.heroku.com
portThe port on API host443
prefixA prefix path where your Express app will be listening for API requestsapi
protocolThe protocol to usehttps
whitelistHeadersAdditional headers to whitelist to pass through to the API[]
headerTransformsAn object of keys (from) and values (to) to transform request headers before being sent to the API{}
$ npm test