This module will mine heroku dyno related events out of a syslog file.


This module will mined heroku dyno related events out of a syslog file.

Get Started

To get started with this module you need to enable log sink on your heroku instance, this will send all the logs from your application to a syslog server, which will write this to a file.

To read the a syslog file and create a model representing the state of your application, while also consuming service related events.

var fs = require('fs')
var LogParser = require('heroku-events')
// model for dynos hosts 
var model = {}
var logParser = new LogParser(model)
    .on('newservice', function(service){
        console.log('newservice', service)
    .on('statechangeservice', function(service){
        console.log('statechangeservice', service)
var st = fs.createReadStream('/var/log/heroku.log')

Future Work

Need to:

  • rewrite the two core parts to simplify and clean up how the parsing and events work.
  • come up with better names and structure for the change events.