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    Push and pull your Heroku configs to your local environment.

    Heavily inspired by ddollar's version, but using the new Heroku cli.

    ⚠️ Disclaimer ⚠️

    Running this code has the potential to delete your configurations if misused.

    Specifically, the -o flag will overwrite values at the destination. Only use that if the source has more up to date info and you're feeling brave. Otherwise, this merges configs and is fairly safe. Just thought you should know.

    Also, the -c flag will delete values that didn't exist locally when you pushed. Only use it if you know that.


    You can install the package by running

    % heroku plugins:install heroku-config

    This package includes two commands:

    • heroku config:pull: Writes the contents of heroku config into a local file
    • heroku config:push: Writes the contents of a local file into heroku config

    As of version 1.6.0, the heroku-config supports modifying pipeline config variables with the --pipelie-name and --pipeline-stage flags.

    Run heroku help config:pull and heroku help config:push to see a full list of flags.

    File Format

    There's a lot of flexibility when it comes to how you can format your file. Key capitalization can go either way and there can be spacing around the = on one, both, or neither side. There can also be a leading export if you want to use the same file to populate your local environment. Since Heroku runs on linux, variable names must conform to those valid in unix. If you want to use unsupported characters in your var names, run commands with the -e flag. There's also support both unix and windows-style newlines (though only one type per file).

    Multiline variables are fine as long as they're surrounded by "

    All of the following are valid lines:

    NODE_ENV= test
    source =local
    job = programming
    export THING=3
    multiline="this can have
    as many lines
    # comments are still ignored
    as it wants"

    The following are all invalid lines:

     # comment with leading space
    key with-dash=andspace
    multiline='bad because
    it uses
    single quotes'


    You'll need Node version >= 6.0. If you want to match exactly, check out the heroku cli's node version here. I like nvm for managing multiple node versions.

    After cloning, follow these instructions to run locally! I welcome pull requests with fixes or new features.


    npm i heroku-config

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