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Heroku CI CLI

Heroku CI Status

The CLI plugin for Heroku CI


heroku plugins:install heroku-ci


All commands accept a -a flag. This should be the name of an app in the pipeline you have connected to Heroku CI. The -a flag can be omitted if you are in the directory of an app already.

heroku ci:list, aliased as heroku ci

Show the statuses of the most recent test runs. Add the -w or --watch flag to keep the session running and listen for updates.

heroku ci:info NUMBER

Show the status of a specific test run. If no run number is provided the most recent will be shown.

heroku ci:last

Show the status of the most recent test run

heroku ci:run

Run this from within your repo directory to trigger a test agains the current branch and commit.

heroku ci:rerun NUMBER

Re-run a previous test run. If no test run number is provided, the most recent test run will be re-run.

heroku ci:migrate-manifest

Migrate the current directory from the deprecated app-ci.json file format to the new app.json + environments. See the docs for more details.

heroku ci:debug

Run this from within your repo directory to start and attach to a debug run. Useful for debugging failing test setup or a test which fails in CI but passes locally.


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