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node-heroku-bouncer Build Status

node-heroku-bouncer is an easy-to-use module for adding Heroku OAuth authentication to Express 4 apps.


$ npm install heroku-bouncer --save


  • Node 0.10.x
  • Express 4.x


Ensure your app is using the cookie-parser and client-sessions middlewares. This module is not guaranteed to work with any other session middleware.

var express      = require('express');
var cookieParser = require('cookie-parser');
var sessions     = require('client-sessions');
var bouncer      = require('heroku-bouncer');
var app          = express();
app.use(cookieParser('your cookie secret'));
// NOTE: These options are good general options for use in a Heroku app, but 
// carefully review your own environment's needs before just copying these. 
  cookieName    : 'session',
  secret        : 'your session secret',
  duration      : 24 * 60 * 60 * 1000,
  activeDuration: 1000 * 60 * 5,
  cookie        : {
    path     : '/',
    ephemeral: false,
    httpOnly : true,
    secure   : false
  oAuthClientID      : 'client-id',
  oAuthClientSecret  : 'client-secret',
  encryptionSecret   : 'abcd1234abcd1234'
app.get('/', function(req, res) {
  res.end('You must be logged in.');

After requests pass through the bouncer middleware, they'll have the heroku-bouncer property on them:

  token: 'user-api-token',
  id   : 'user-id',
  name : 'user-name',
  email: 'user-email'

To log a user out, send them to /auth/heroku/logout.


Options Required? Default Description
encryptionSecret Yes n/a A random string used to encrypt your user session data
oAuthClientID Yes n/a The ID of your Heroku OAuth client
oAuthClientSecret Yes n/a The secret of your Heroku OAuth client
herokuAPIHost No n/a An optional override host to send Heroku API requests to
sessionSyncNonce No null The name of a nonce cookie to validate sessions against
ignoredRoutes No [] An array of regular expressions to match routes to be ignored when there is no session active
oAuthServerURL No "" The location of the Heroku OAuth server
herokaiOnlyHandler No null A route handler that will be called on requests by non-Herokai


$ npm test