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Rdio Service

Hermes integration to display the latest song played on Rdio account.

NPM version


npm install --save hermes-rdio


Using the JavaScript API:

var rdio = require('hermes-rdio');
    key: "RDIO_KEY",
    secret: "RDIO_SECRET",
    defaultUser: 'joeSchmoe',
    defaultMessagePrefix: 'We are jamming to'

rdio-hermes will respond to @yourbotname rdio {username} with the song that username last listened to, or with the song that defaultUser last listened to if no username is provided.


key (required)

Rdio API key. If you don't have this, you need to register a new app with Rdio to get an API key and secret.

secret (required)

Rdio API secret.

defaultUser (required)

User to use if no user is specified in message text.

defaultMessagePrefix (optional)

Different message that can be used for the default user.