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This module adds LESS (The Dynamic Stylesheet language) support to hem (Bundler for Node/CommonJS/Web Apps).


  1. Add hem-less to the dependencies in your package.json file in the root directory of your hem project. Here is an example:

      "name": "Insanely Awesome Spine.js App w/ LESS Support",
      "version": "0.0.1",
      "dependencies": {
        "serveup": "~0.0.4",
        "hem": "~0.1.7",
        "hem-less": "~0.1.0",
        "es5-shimify": "~0.0.1",
        "json2ify": "~0.0.1",
        "jqueryify": "~0.0.1",
        "amplifyjsify": "~0.0.3",
        "bootstrap-stylus": "0.2.1",
        "spine": "~1.0.6"
  2. Once hem-less is added to your dependencies run the following command from your project root:

    npm install .
  3. Add a slug.js file to the root of your project with the following:

    var hem = new (require('hem'));
    var command = process.argv.slice(2)[0];
    var less = require('hem-less');
    var options = {
      "server": {
        compress: false
      "build": {
        compress: true
    hem.compilers.less = less.compiler;
  4. Use it! Now when you run hem in your project root it will generate CSS using the LESS compiler if there is a index.less file in your project's css dir. For example to build your app run:

    hem build

    Or run the development server:

    hem server