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Helpful Koa Routing

A functional routing library for koa. Heavily inspired by koa-route, but with a few adjustments. This version of the library is meant to be used with Koa v2 and supports promises over generators.

Note: Many of the examples in this documentation use ES2015 destructuring. ES2015 is not required to use this library!

Getting Started

Install the package via npm:

npm install --save helpful-koa-routing

Then require it like so...

const route = require('helpful-koa-routing');


This library exposes functions that make your existing middleware only response to certain HTTP method + path combinations. The basic methods are supported along with a route function for creating routes that support multiple methods.

  • GET() for GET and HEAD requests.
  • POST() for POST requests.
  • PUT() for PUT and PATCH requests.
  • DELETE() for DELETE requests.
const { route, GET } = require("helpful-koa-routing");
app.use(GET("/", middleware));
app.use(route(["POST", "PUT"], "/", middleware));

Route Parameters

Path parameters, similar to Express, can also be used. These will be made available on your context as a params object.

GET("/greet/:name", function (ctx) {
  ctx.body = `Hello,  ${}`;

Multiple Middleware

Typically, it's encouraged to use koa-compose to combine multiple middleware into one before passing it to higher-order functions in order to maintain functional composition and separation of concerns. However, we've decided to implement middleware composition for you to save the additional step and require statement.

To use multiple middleware, simply provide an array of middleware instead of a single middleware function.

GET("/", [
  function (ctx, next) {
    return next();
  function (ctx) {
    ctx.body = 'middleware 2 fired';


npm i helpful-koa-routing

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