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Handlebars Helper Hoard

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Helper Hoard is a collection of 84 helper functions for use with Handlebars.js. It is inspired and based on's Handlebars Helpers collection, but rewritten to be more portable and versatile as a standalone library, as Assemble's collection is built for use in their own environment.

The majority of functions have been rewritten with several purposes in mind:

  • To be usable independently from the collection with no internal dependencies
  • To be usable in both node.js and the browser, whenever possible
  • To leverage the speed of ES5
  • To support both return syntax ({{helper}}) and block syntax ({{#helper}}do stuff{{/helper}}) on all functions, where it makes sense
  • To support {{else}} in all block statements, where it makes sense
  • To support data framing on all loops with @index, @first and @last values.


The Hoard as a whole has only a single dependency, it expects to be running in an ES5 environment. That means you will need es5-shim to use the library in IE8 or below. Node.js and all modern browsers should be without issue.

The following helpers have specific dependencies:

  • {{embed}} only works in Node.js, as it uses the file and path modules.
  • {{date}} and {{fromNow}} both require Moment.js, which is used to handle the date formatting. Moment is installed by npm as a dependency. In the browser the library must be loaded before the template is invoked, either via a script include or using Browserify or RequireJS (it will attempt to load via require() if present).


NPM: npm install helper-hoard

Bower: bower install helper-hoard


In Node.js or another CommonJS environment, initialize the library like so:

var Handlebars = require('handlebars');

In a browser based AMD environment such as RequireJS:

require(['handlebars', 'helper-hoard'], function (Handlebars, Hoard) {

In a standard browser environment:

<script src="handlebars.js"></script>
<script src="hoard.all.js"></script>

The load() function optionally supports a list of what helpers to load, if you do not want the entire library to be added to Handlebars' collection.

//loads only the layout sub-templating functions
HelperHoard.load(Handlebars, ['extend', 'block', 'content']);

Helper Reference Documentation

Documentation is still being written, and there's a lot to write. Until then, check out the unit tests for each helper to see all supported usage examples. If you find any helpers without tests, please let me know. (Note, {{log}} is lacking tests because there's no way to test console.log output)

Building and Running Unit Tests

From inside the repository root, run npm install to install the dev dependencies, and then npm test to kick off the build and test process.


Helper Hoard is released under a standard MIT license, as defined in the LICENSE file.


npm i helper-hoard

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