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    node package helm chart and publish to git repository plugin

    Helm chart is an integral part of a project, more often its definition is placed as closest to code as possible.

    In order to be able to develop both at the same time helm allows to do chart versioning.

    This plugin packages the chart and leverages the possibility of using git repository as a helm repository.

    Basic usage

    • add chart definition to helm foldder in your project directory
       ├── src                    
       ├── dist                    
       ├── helm                    
       │   └── your-app-name
       │       ├── templates
       │       ├── values.yaml
       │       └── Chart.yaml
       └── ...
    • add and configure plugin in package.json
        "scripts": {
            "helm-chart-publish": "helm-chart-publisher --projectName=<NAME-OF-YOUR-PROJECT>"
    • run script
    $ npm run helm-chart-publish -- --chart.version=1.0.3 --gitChartRepo.url=<HELM-CHART-GIT-URL> --gitChartRepo.username=<HELM-CHART-GIT-USERNAME> --gitChartRepo.password=<HELM-CHART-GIT-PASSWORD>


    Plugin requires helm client in version 2.x or 3.x to be installed.


    • clone git repository where helm chart definitions are stored
    • init helm client
    • update chart dependencies
    • package chart
    • reindex helm chart repository
    • push changes to git repository


    Parameter Description Default value Flag Environment variable package.json config property
    Git chart repository URL URL to a git repository in which helm charts are stored. Accepts both ssh and https protocols. - gitChartRepo.url - helm-chart-publish.gitChartRepoUrl
    Git username Git repository username - gitChartRepo.username HELM_CHART_PUBLISH_GIT_REPO_USERNAME helm-chart-publish.gitUsername
    Git password Git repository password - gitChartRepo.password HELM_CHART_PUBLISH_GIT_REPO_PASSWORD -
    Git repository working directory Directory in git repository where helm chart repository is stored / (root folder of the repository) gitChartRepo.workDir - helm-chart-publish.gitChartRepoWorkDir
    Chart version Version under which the chart will be published project.version chart.version - -
    Chart name Name of the chart (must be the same as name in chart valyes.yaml) - helm-chart-publish.chartName
    Chart definition path Where in the project chart definition is stored ${projectDir}/helm/$chartName chart.definitionPath - helm-chart-publish.chartDefinitionPath


    npm i helm-chart-publisher

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