Backup your family photos (or any file) efficiently to Amazon S3

heirloom nodejs module

Useful for efficiently backing up your family photo collection (or any files).

Backup a file to S3, but only if it has changed or has not been uploaded before.

    # install as a command-line tool
    npm install -g heirloom
    # setup these two AWS authentication keys in your environment:

    $ heirloom --bucket myS3bucketname --input /Users/brian/Pictures/CA_1920x1080_05.jpg

Just use unix "find" command and pipe to heirloom

    $ find /Users/brian/Pictures -name "*.jpg" -exec heirloom --bucket myS3bucketname --input \{\} \;

Note that you should use an absolute path for "find" so that it includes an absolute path in the results.

The filename and path is used for the full name on S3.