Resource status monitoring library.


Health is a resource status monitoring library.

npm install -g health 
var health = new (require('health'))(
  setup: [
    { name: 'google', uri: '' },
    { name: 'gmail', uri: '' }

Health setup is just a simple JSON:

  { "name": "google", "uri", "", "statusCodes": [ 200 ] },
  { "name": "gmail", "uri", "", "timeout": "1000" },
Attribute Sample values Description Checker Status
Resource URI to be checked All Mandatory
name someapp Resource name All Optional
timeout 1000 Request/connect timeout in milliseconds http, https, mongodb Optional
statusCodes [ 200, '3xx', 409 ] An array of acceptable response HTTP status codes, any match means status OK http, https Optional
texts [ 'must exist', 'this must also exist' ] An array of all texts that must exist in response body, any miss means status FAIL http, https Optional