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This is a commonjs compatible Javascript module for parsing and format the following HTTP headers:

Parsing and formatting is implemented by a header module which has two functions parse, and format. Each of these methods accept two arguments - the name of the header, and either a string (for parsing) or an object (for formatting. The structure of the object is specific to each header, but is easily guessable. See the tests directory for examples.


Here is an example to parse a Link header.

var header = require('header');
var str = "<>;rel=' alternate';title='hello';type='application/xml'";
l = header.parse('Link', val);

Formatting follows the same style.

var header = require('header');
sys.log(header.format('Link', {
  href : '',
  rel : ['related'],
  title : 'Hello World',
  type : 'text/html'


npm install headers