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hdrgrab sniffs HTTP messages off the wire and writes them into a HAR file.

Installing hdrgrab

First you'll need Node and its package manager, npm.

Then, hdrgrab can be installed with npm like this:

sudo npm -g install hdrgrab

which will install dependencies automatically.

Under the covers, hdrgrab relies upon node_pcap and optimist.

Using hdrgrab


Start it up like this:


which will sniff on port 80 and output to "grab.har".

hdrgrab -o foo.har

will output to the file "foo.har"

hdrgrab -p 8000

will sniff on port 80.

On some operating systems, you may need to specify the interface to listen on. For example:

hdrgrab -p 8000 -i eth0

and in some cases, you may need permission to listen to the device, making the appropriate command line something like:

sudo hdrgrab -p 8000 -i eth0 -o foo.har

Installation Problems?


If npm complains about problems with pcap, like this:

npm ERR! Failed at the pcap@0.2.7 install script.

it usually means that it couldn't find libpcap when building. See the instructions here:

On my OSX machine, I have to build like this (becoming root first):

CXXFLAGS=-I/opt/local/include npm -g install hdrgrab

because my pcap headers are in a non-standard place (thanks to MacPorts). YMMV.


Mark Nottingham