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Haxe-watchify is a command line daemon that check any files changes in your Haxe project and run the build automatically in background.

Currently haxe-watchify is compatible with Haxe and OpenFL projects.
#### More information Official website



How to install

In order to install haxe-watchify you just need to install from NPM as global package:

npm install haxe-watchify -g

After that you'll be able to use haxe-watchify in any of your Haxe projects.

Note for Windows users

Haxe-watchify requires Python 2.7.x to be installed in your machine in order to work.

Contacts and suggestions

To report a bug please use the issues section on Github.

You can also check the project roadmap for the tool and the website.

if you want collaborate to the project or if you'd like a new feature, please drop me a line !

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