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    This is a collection of tools/Azure Node SDK enhancement we at Haufe-Lexware use to script things like backing up managed disks and such.

    Most probably, this collection of tools may grow over time as soon as we need things.

    Feel free to grab it if you want to, but we will not give any guarantee it works as you think it will.


    The toolset logs in using the Azure SDK, using a service principal. These values need to be passed in as environment variables:

    Env Var Description
    SP_APPID The service principal's app ID ("username")
    SP_PASSWORD The service principal's app Secret ("password")
    SP_TENANTID The Tenant ID
    SUBSCRIPTION_ID The subscription ID to use

    If these aren't passed in, expect weird error messages and nothing good happening (but nothing bad either).


    The haufe-azure-arm-utils exposes four more or less useful components:

    const armUtils = require('haufe-azure-arm-utils');
    const armAccess = armUtils.access;
    const diskUtils = armUtils.diskUtils;
    const rgUtils = armUtils.resourceGroupUtils;
    const filterUtils = armUtils.filterUtils;

    Component diskUtils

    For easier management of managed disks in Azure.

    diskUtils.listDisks(resourceGroup, callback)

    Lists all disks in a resource group with the name resourceGroup.

    Callback signature: callback(err, diskList)

    diskUtils.cloneDisk(diskSpec, targetGroupSpec, targetName, tags, callback)

    Clones a managed disk with the disk info spec diskSpec (from listDisks) into the resource group with the group spec targetGroupSpec (from rgUtils.listGroups or getGroup). The new cloned disk will have the name targetName and it wil be tagged with the entries from the json object tags.

    Callback signature: callback(err, newDiskSpec)

    diskUtils.deleteDisk(resourceGroup, diskName, callback)

    Deletes the managed disk with the name diskName from the resource group resourceGroup.

    Callback signature: callback(err)

    Component rgUtils

    Manages resoucre groups.


    Returns the specs of all resource groups in the current subscription (to which the service principal has access).

    Callback signature: callback(err, groupList)

    rgUtils.getGroup(name, callback)

    Returns the spec of a resource group with the given name.

    Callback signature: callback(err, groupSpec)

    Component filterUtils

    This is the part which is the most interesting perhaps, as it helps you do stuff with your resources.

    filterUtils.filterByTags(list, tags)

    Filters a list of resources by tags, given as an object.


    const filteredList = filterUtils.filterByTags(diskList, { type: 'nfs' });

    filterUtils.getByName(list, name)

    Returns the item with the given name, if present. null otherwise.


    Returns the item in the list with the latest timeCreated property.

    filterUtils.getKeepList(list, tags, [options])

    For backing up scenarios, use this method to find a list of resources you want to keep, using the following rules (based on timeCreated and the selection tags, see filterByTags for an example):

    • Keep the newest resource all in all
    • Keep today's latest resource
    • Keep yesterday's latest resource
    • Keep the latest resources from a specific day in the week, not older than a certain threshold
    • Keep the resource created on the first day in a month, not older than a certain threshold

    Use the optinal options parameter to tweak the behaviour; these are the default options:

    const FILTER_OPTIONS = {
        keepWeekly: true,
        weeklyDay: 3, // Wednesday
        weeklyThreshold: 14,
        keepMonthly: true,
        monthlyThreshold: 60

    filterUtils.getDeleteList(list, tags, [options])

    Reverse of getKeepList, renders a list of resources you can safely delete, according to your options.

    Component access

    Usually, you don't need to use the access component manually; the usage is wrapped in the other components.


    The function getCredentials logs in using the env var parameters above and returns credentials.

    This function is usually wrapped inside the other two functions of access and does not need to be called explicitly.

    Callback signature: callback(err, credentials, subscriptionId)


    Creates or returns a cached instance of the ComputeManagementClient class of the Azure Node SDK.

    This function will automatically call getCredentials and retrieve credentials if this has not already happenened.

    Callback signature: callback(err, computeClient).


    Creates or returns a cached instance of the ResourceManagementClient class of the Azure Node SDK.

    This function will automatically call getCredentials and retrieve credentials if this has not already happenened.

    Callback signature: callback(err, resourceClient).


    npm i haufe-azure-arm-utils

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