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Hatching your next idea

Hatchyt is a tool to help you quickly build static pages with built in tracking and contact aquisition.


  • self serving mode
  • Create / Edit / Delete and Publish sites to static HTML
  • 3rd party libraries - jQuery, Bootstrap, React, and more
  • automatic visitor tracking
  • automatic contact aquisition

Coming Soon

  • open graph support
  • custom templates
  • plugins
  • media storage


Serving pages with ngninx is strongly recommend. You will need to have already set up your DNS to point to your server.

Don't forget to create a DNS entry for your admin subdomain, or use a wildcard.

  1. npm install -g hatchyt
  2. Create a directory to work out of: mkdir /sites && cd /sites
  3. Start hatchyt from your new directory: hatchyt start
  4. Follow the prompts to choose an admin subdomain and credentials.
  5. Optional:
  6. Follow the instructions in the prompt to link the .hatchyt/hatchyt.conf to your ngninx sites-enabled directory.
  7. Reload ngninx configuration sudo service ngninx reload