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Hosted service with a simple API for sending and receiving messages.

Hosted (or self-hosted) service with a simple API for sending and receiving messages. It can be used for logging, analytics or any simple message broadcasting for your app.

Install the module with: npm install

(Coming soon)

var hatchet = require('');
var consumer = hatchet.consumer('demo', 'I6mMbTSOq4rCdM', { log: true });
// Watch for 'log' events and run the defined function when it occurs'log', function(data) {
    console.log('log', data);
// Watch another'signup', function(data) {
console.log('signup', data);
// You can also stop listening to an event 
setTimeout(function() {
}, 20000);
var hatchet = require('');
var contributor = hatchet.contributor('demo', 'iYkrswPZVIrUMv', { log: true });
// Send 'log' event with data every 2 seconds 
setInterval(function() {
var data = {
line: 100,
file: 'ben.txt'
contributor.send('log', data);
}, 2000);
// Send 'signup' event with data every second 
setInterval(function() {
var data = {
firstName: 'Frederick',
lastName: 'Gustaveerson',
created: new Date()
contributor.send('signup', data);
}, 1000);
log: false // when enabled it will console.log out hatchet related log messages 

Please feel free to contribute. If you see any areas for improvement, particularly in regards to performance / reliability it'd be great to receive your pull requests / comments because it's really the main crux of the application.

  • FIXED: Fixed missing alias property.
  • CHANGED: Contributors now have "broadcast" and "send" that allow you to send to all users or target a specific user(s)
  • FIXED: Changed the api so that you can create multiple consumers or clients from the one require(''). Previously you could only have one connection.
  • CHANGED: The API for creating a connection has changed. Please see updated examples.
  • ADDED: Examples scripts added.
  • ADDED: Queuing for contributors if events come in prior to socket authenticating
  • ADDED: Client library code that allows you to send and receive messages.

Copyright (c) 2013 Ben Pearson Licensed under the MIT license.