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Harvest API client library

Harvest is a tool that enables businesses to track time, track projects, manage clients, and invoice. This is a full client API built using node.js.


npm install harvest


var Harvest = require('harvest'),
	harvest = new Harvest({
        subdomain: config.harvest.subdomain,
        password: config.harvest.password
    TimeTracking = harvest.TimeTracking;

TimeTracking.daily({}, function(err, tasks) {
    if (err) throw new Error(err);

// work with tasks


In order to test you will need to create a config file that uses your credentials inside config/default.json

  "harvest": {
    "subdomain": "...",
    "email": "...",
    "password": "...",
    "identifier": "...",
    "secret": "...",
    "user_agent": "node-harvest test runner"

This API is designed to work either using HTTP Basic authentication, or OAuth so either set of credentials will work. Subdomain is always required.

npm test

# or