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This project is seeking a maintainer to take over development. I'm unable to keep this library adequately updated.

Harvest is a tool that enables businesses to track time, track projects, manage clients, and invoice. This is a full client API built using node.js.


npm install harvest


var Harvest = require('harvest'),
	harvest = new Harvest({
        subdomain: config.harvest.subdomain,
        password: config.harvest.password
    TimeTracking = harvest.TimeTracking;

TimeTracking.daily({}, function(err, tasks) {
    if (err) throw new Error(err);

// work with tasks


In order to test you will need to create a config file that uses your credentials inside config/default.json

  "harvest": {
    "subdomain": "...",
    "email": "...",
    "password": "...",
    "identifier": "...",
    "secret": "...",
    "user_agent": "node-harvest test runner"

This API is designed to work either using HTTP Basic authentication, or OAuth so either set of credentials will work. Subdomain is always required.

Running the tests

npm test

# or


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