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    Harmony Hub API (with local websocket)

    This module tend to replace the old XMPP API which was removed with the firemware 4.15.206 (see more here).

    It uses the local websocket API of the hub.

    UPDATE 23/12/2018 Logitech reversed his decision about the XMPP API. It makes available back the API but only for developers. see more here. The local websocket API remains available.



    $ npm install harmonyhub-api

    Get the remote id of the hub

    Use the following helper:

    $ node_modules/.bin/harmonyhub-remote-id <hub_ip_or_host>

    Or juste make the following http post

    Host: <hub_host_or_ip>:8088
    Origin: http://sl.dhg.myharmony.com
    Content-Type: application/json
    Accept-Charset: utf-8
        "id ": 1,
        "cmd": "setup.account?getProvisionInfo",
        "params": {}

    Example with curl

    $ curl -X POST <hub_host_or_ip>:8088 -H 'Accept: utf-8' -H 'Content-Type: application/json' -H 'Origin: http://sl.dhg.myharmony.com' -d '{"id":1,"cmd":"setup.account?getProvisionInfo","params":{}}'

    Connection and configuration

    const HarmonyHub = require('harmonyhub-api').HarmonyHub;
    const HUB_HOST = 'X.X.X.X';
    const HUB_REMOTE_ID = 'XXXXXXX';
    const hub = new HarmonyHub(HUB_HOST, HUB_REMOTE_ID);
        .then((config) => {
            console.log('Connected to the hub');
            config.activity.forEach(activity => {
                console.log(`${activity.label} (${activity.id})`);
            config.device.forEach(device => {
                console.log(`${device.label} (${device.id})`);

    ⚠️ Without activities, the connection is automatically closed after 60 seconds. You can periodically send a ping or catch the close event to open a new connection.

    Start an activity

    The list of activityId can be found in the configuration object or with hub.getActivities()


    Send command to a device

    The list of commands and deviceId can be found in the configuration object of each devices. Browse the content of hub.getDevices().

    // Simple press
    hub.sendCommand('VolumeUp', '53161273');
    // Hold a press for 1 second
    hub.holdCommand('VolumeUp', '53161273', 1000);

    Close the connection


    Listen for events

    The HarmonyHub object is a EventEmitter for some events :

    hub.on('error|connect|close|message', callback)
    • error : On error on the websocket
      • 1 argument: the error
    • connect : On connection to the websocket of the hub
      • 1 argument: the config of the hub
    • close : On the websocket connection close
      • 2 arguments: code and description
    • message : On incoming message from the hub
      • 1 argument: The message data

    Log level

    By default, the logger is set on 'warn'. You can override with the LOG_LEVEL environnement variable. eg:

    $ LOG_LEVEL=debug node test.js

    API documentation

    The full API documentation is available in the docs/ folder.


    npm i harmonyhub-api

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