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Hardhat plugin to check and lock the storage layout of contracts.


This plugin will help you avoid possible errors by checking and locking your storage layout.


I recommend using npm 7 or later. If you do that, then you just need to install the plugin itself:

npm install hardhat-storage-vault

If you are using an older version of npm, you'll also need to install all the packages used by hardhat-storage-vault.

npm install hardhat-storage-vault hardhat-finder

That's also the case if you are using yarn.

yarn add hardhat-storage-vault hardhat-finder

Import hardhat-storage-vault in your Hardhat config. This will make import of hardhat-finder redundant, so you can remove it if you want:

Import the plugin in your hardhat.config.js:

require("hardhat-finder"); // you can remove this line

Or if you are using TypeScript, in your hardhat.config.ts:

import "hardhat-storage-vault";
import "hardhat-finder"; // you can remove this line


This plugin adds storage-check and storage-lock tasks to Hardhat:

Usage: hardhat [GLOBAL OPTIONS] storage-lock [--overwrite] [--prettify] [--store-file <STRING>] [...excludeContracts]
$ hardhat storage-lock --prettify --overwrite

Success in plugin hardhat-storage-vault:
Created storage-store-lock.json file.

Usage: hardhat [GLOBAL OPTIONS] storage-check [--store-file <INPUTFILE>]
$ hardhat storage-check --store-file custom-storage-store-lock.json

Error in plugin hardhat-storage-vault:
Invalid slot value!
  Contract path: contracts/Example.sol
  Contract name: Example
    Slot name: foo
    Slot (Expected): 1
    Slot (Actual): 0


This plugin extends the HardhatUserConfig's StorageVaultConfig object with the storageVault field.

This is an example of how to set it:

module.exports = {
  storageVault: {
    check: {
      storeFile: "storage-store-lock.json",
    lock: {
      excludeContracts: [
        "^contracts-exposed/", // exclude by directory
        "^contracts/Example.sol", // exclude by file
        "Example$", // exclude by contract name
        "^contracts/Example.sol:Example$", // exclude by fully qualified name
        "Example.+\\.sol", // regex search (exclude ExampleTwo.sol, ExampleThree.sol but not Example.sol)
        "Example.*\\.sol", // regex search (exclude Example.sol, ExampleTwo.sol, ExampleThree.sol)
      storeFile: "storage-store-lock.json",
      prettify: false,
      overwrite: false,
Task Option Type Default Description
Check storeFile String storage-store-lock.json Use a specific JSON file as a storage store.
Vault excludeContracts String[] [] Regex string to ignore contracts.
Vault storeFile String storage-store-lock.json Create or update a specific JSON file to save the storage store.
Vault prettify Boolean false Save the file by formatting.
Vault overwrite Boolean false Overwrite if there is a store file with the same name.

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