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Hardhat Publish Typechain

Publish generated typechain-types to NPM.

npx hardhat typechain task will generate typechain-types directory, which contains full-featured typescript code for interactive with our contracts, so we can use those code in our web project to let interacting with contracts more efficiency with power of typescript, like code hint, read function definition.

1. Install

$ npm install --save-dev hardhat-publish-typechain
# or
$ yarn add --dev hardhat-publish-typechain

2. Included Commands

  • npx hardhat pub-type is alias of npx hardhat publish-typechain: Publish typechain to NPM.
  • npx hardhat clean-pub-type is alias of npx hardhat clean-publish-typechain: Delete publish-typechain directory.

3. Usage

Load plugin in Hardhat config:

# or
import 'hardhat-publish-typechain';

Add configuration under publishTypechain key:

option description type optional default
name npm package's name string false
version npm package's version string false
homepage npm package's homepage string true ""
repository npm package's repository string true ""
iifeGlobalObjectName iife format javascript script file's global name string false
ignoreContracts which contracts wants to ignore array of string true []
includeDeployed if need to include the deployed directory maintained by the hardhat-deployed-records plugin boolean true false
deployedDir hardhat-deployed-records plugin's deployedDir config value string true scripts/deployed
ignoreDeployedNetworks deployed network's address want to ignore array of string true []
authToken auth token for publish npm package to npm official registry or GitHub registry string false


publishTypechain: {
    name: "erc-tokens",
    version: "0.2.0",
    repository: "https://github.com/xiaosongfu/erc-tokens",
    iifeGlobalObjectName: "mock",
    ignoreContracts: ["MockERC20"],
    includeDeployed: true,
    ignoreDeployedNetworks: ["localhost"],
    authToken: process.env.AUTH_TOKEN || "npm_pZB...zyP",
  • !! before executing npx hardhat publish-typechain task, you must logined to npm official registry or GitHub registry, for how to login please read official documents.
  • !! npm official registry and GitHub registry has different format auth token, npm official registry's auth token is start with npm_ and GitHub registry's auth token is start with ghp_, this plugin will publish to relevant registry according to your auth token automatic, so please make sure you use the right auth token for the right registry.

don't forget to add publish-typechain directory to .gitignore file.

4. Use published npm package in web project

When npm package published, we can install it, import it and use it in our web project.

Here we use erc-tokens package as example.

first, install it:

$ npm i erc-tokens

then, you can import abi from erc-tokens package and provide your contract address to create a contract instance:

import { MMERC20 } from "erc-tokens/lib/contracts";
import { MMERC20ABI } from "erc-tokens/lib/abi";

const usdc: MMERC20 = await new ethers.Contract("0xAb...yZ", MMERC20ABI, provider) as unknown as MMERC20;
const balance = await usdc.balanceOf("0x81c4cb77485d163D8623Cc18E1D2A3aFc93CA4f3");

or, you can only provide your contract address to create a contract instance with at(address) function:

import { MMERC20 } from "erc-tokens/lib/contracts";
import { MMERC20Contract } from "erc-tokens";

const usdc: MMERC20 = MMERC20Contract.at("0xAb...yZ").connect(provider);
const balance = await usdc.balanceOf("0x81c4cb77485d163D8623Cc18E1D2A3aFc93CA4f3");

if you are using hardhat-deployed-records plugin and config includeDeployed: true, you can create a contract instance use At[network]() with builtin contract address from this package:

import { MMERC20 } from "erc-tokens/lib/contracts";
import { MMERC20Contract } from "erc-tokens";

const usdc: MMERC20 = MMERC20Contract.AtSepolia().connect(provider);
const balance = await usdc.balanceOf("0x81c4cb77485d163D8623Cc18E1D2A3aFc93CA4f3");

~ Have fun!

5. Version History

  • v0.7.1 (2023/10/24)

    • add prettyABI config option to use pretty abi or not
  • v0.7.0 (2023/10/13)

    • add esbuild to build browser esm+iife signal-script file
  • v0.6.0 (2023/10/13)

    • rename config option ignoreNetworks to ignoreDeployedNetworks
  • v0.5.0 (2023/09/26)

    • rename deployed contract address constant's name
  • v0.4.2 (2023/09/26)

    • support skip networks with skipNetworks option when using including deployed contracts
  • v0.4.1 (2023/09/15)

    • auto skip solidity library contract
  • v0.4.0 (2023/09/15)

    • auto skip interface type contract

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