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Dispalys an OSX notification with contract compile failure/success result

Hardhat Notifier plugin.


The plugin overrides the compile task. Internally it then calls the compile task, checks the result of the compile task and then sends an OSX notification with the result of the compilation.

This can be very useful when you have your Editor open in front of you and the terminal in the background somewhere watching your code & compiling for you. Now when you make a mistake, it will compile & tell if you via an OSX notification that there is an error.


npm install hardhat-notifier

Import the plugin in your hardhat.config.js:


Or if you are using TypeScript, in your hardhat.config.ts:

import "hardhat-notifier";


This plugin overrides the compile task.

Environment extensions

This plugin makes no extensions to the Hardhat Runtime Environment.


This plugin extends the HardhatUserConfig's object with an optional notifier field. Every property of the notifier is optional.

This the complete type:

module.exports = {
  notifier: {
    playSuccessSound?: boolean,
    playFailureSound?: boolean,
    notifyOnSuccess?: boolean,
    notifyOnFailure?: boolean,


The most basic use case is to just call npx hardhat compiler and this plugin will cause an OSX notification to come up with compilation results.

A slightly more valuable use case is to watch your code using chokidar and have it run compile task for you when code changes. This way you can put the terminal in the background and know that when there is an error you will be notified.

npm install -g chokidar-cli
chokidar "contracts/*.sol" -c "npx hardhat compile"

A more professional use case is to use tools like hardhat-watcher or harhdat-deploy to compile & deploy your contracts. No change required to usage. Just use them and if hardhat-notifier is installed you will get notified when compilation is failing or succeeding.

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