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Have you always wanted to use Jest instead of Mocha + Chai in your Hardhat Projects? 😉 Good News!

hardhat-jest allows you to use Jest easily 😃✌️


First of all, Make sure that you have jest already installed!

Step 1: Install the package

npm i hardhat-jest

Step 2: Add to your hardhat.config.js file


If you're using Typescript, to your hardhat.config.ts file

import "hardhat-jest"; // Typescript


It's so easy, You can run your Jest tests by

npx hardhat jest

You've been using npx hardhat test to run your Mocha tests so far, but NOW you only need to use jest instead of test and Done!


If you're looking to see all the options, you can do it by running npx hardhat help jest:

Usage: hardhat [GLOBAL OPTIONS] jest [--bail] [--no-compile] [--show-config] [--use-verbose <BOOLEAN>] [--watch] [--watch-all]


  --bail       	Stop running tests after the first test failure.
  --no-compile 	Do NOT compile before running this task.
  --show-config	Print your jest config and then exits.
  --watch      	Watch files for changes and rerun tests related to changed files.
  --watch-all  	Watch files for changes and rerun all tests.
  --use-verbose	Display individual test results with the test suite hierarchy. | Enable / Disable [boolean] (default: false)

jest: Runs Jest tests

For global options help run: hardhat help

to use options, you can easily run

npx hardhat jest <option-name>

// for example
npx hardhat jest --no-compile --watch


If you want Jest to display individual test results with the test suite hierarchy, you can use --use-verbose this way:

npx hardhat jest --use-verbose true // enables verbose mode only for this project

npx hardhat jest --use-verbose false // disables verbose mode for the project

Remember: the default value is false and disabled, so you must enable it if you want.

Specific files to test (testFiles)

If you want Jest to run only specific files instead of all test files, you can do that by:

npx hardhat jest test/Test3.test.js test/Test4.test.js

NOTE: You must specify files with their full path (from the project root directory)


You can see all the available Hardhat tasks by running npx hardhat


  check             	Check whatever you need
  clean             	Clears the cache and deletes all artifacts
  compile           	Compiles the entire project, building all artifacts
  console           	Opens a hardhat console
  coverage          	Generates a code coverage report for tests
  flatten           	Flattens and prints contracts and their dependencies
  help              	Prints this message
> jest                  Runs Jest tests
  node              	Starts a JSON-RPC server on top of Hardhat Network
  run               	Runs a user-defined script after compiling the project
  test              	Runs mocha tests
  typechain         	Generate Typechain typings for compiled contracts
  verify            	Verifies contract on Etherscan

and There it is, jest task is added successfully! it means that you can run npx hardhat jest and your tests will be run!

Final thoughts

Finally, show us some love by starring the repository on GitHub!️ 😊

Happy hacking!

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