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Hardhat Contract Sizer

Output Solidity contract sizes with Hardhat.

Versions of this plugin prior to 2.0.0 were released as buidler-contract-sizer.


npm install --save-dev hardhat-contract-sizer
# or
yarn add --dev hardhat-contract-sizer


Load plugin in Hardhat config:


Add configuration under the contractSizer key:

option description default
alphaSort whether to sort results table alphabetically (default sort is by contract size) false
runOnCompile whether to output contract sizes automatically after compilation false
disambiguatePaths whether to output the full path to the compilation artifact (relative to the Hardhat root directory) false
strict whether to throw an error if any contracts exceed the size limit (may cause compatibility issues with solidity-coverage) false
only Array of String matchers used to select included contracts, defaults to all contracts if length is 0 []
except Array of String matchers used to exclude contracts []
outputFile file path to write contract size report null
unit unit of measurement for the size of contracts, which can be expressed in 'B' (bytes), 'kB' (kilobytes) or 'KiB' (kibibytes) KiB
contractSizer: {
  alphaSort: true,
  disambiguatePaths: false,
  runOnCompile: true,
  strict: true,
  only: [':ERC20$'],

Run the included Hardhat task to output compiled contract sizes:

npx hardhat size-contracts
# or
yarn run hardhat size-contracts

By default, the hardhat compile task is run before sizing contracts. This behavior can be disabled with the --no-compile flag:

npx hardhat size-contracts --no-compile
# or
yarn run hardhat size-contracts --no-compile

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