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HAR to OpenAPI

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Convert a HAR file to an OpenAPI spec


This library is loosely based on har2openapi, but cleaned up and changed for usage in a more programmatic fashion

Getting Started

yarn add har-to-openapi


npm i --save har-to-openapi


import { generateSpec } from "har-to-openapi";

// read a har file from wherever you want - in this example its just a root json object
// const har = await fs.readFile("my.har");

const har = {
  log: {
    entries: [
        index: 0,
        request: {
          method: "CUSTOM",
          url: "http://test.loadimpact.com/login",
          headers: [
              name: "Content-Type",
              value: "application/x-www-form-urlencoded",
          postData: {
            mimeType: "application/x-www-form-urlencoded",
            text: "foo0=bar0&foo1=bar1",
            params: [
                name: "foo0",
                value: "bar0",

const openapi = await generateSpec(har, { relaxedMethods: true });
const { spec, yamlSpec } = openapi;
// spec = { ... } openapi spec schema document
// yamlSpec = string, "info: ..."


export interface Config {
  // if true, we'll treat every url as having the same domain, regardless of what its actual domain is
  // the first domain we see is the domain we'll use
  forceAllRequestsInSameSpec?: boolean;
  // if true, every path object will have its own servers entry, defining its base path. This is useful when
  // forceAllRequestsInSameSpec is set
  addServersToPaths?: boolean;
  // try and guess common auth headers
  guessAuthenticationHeaders?: boolean;
  // if the response has this status code, ignore the body
  ignoreBodiesForStatusCodes?: number[];
  // whether non standard methods should be allowed (like HTTP MY_CUSTOM_METHOD)
  relaxedMethods?: boolean;
  // whether we should try and parse non application/json responses as json - defaults to true
  relaxedContentTypeJsonParse?: boolean;
  // a list of tags that match passed on the path, either [match_and_tag] or [match, tag]
  tags?: ([string] | [string, string] | string)[] | ((url: string) => string | string[] | void);
  // response mime types to filter for
  mimeTypes?: string[];
  // known security headers for this har, to add to security field in openapi (e.g. "X-Auth-Token")
  securityHeaders?: string[];
  // Whether to filter out all standard headers from the parameter list in openapi
  filterStandardHeaders?: boolean;
  // Whether to log errors to console
  logErrors?: boolean;
  // a string, regex, or callback to filter urls for inclusion
  urlFilter?: string | RegExp | ((url: string) => boolean | Promise<boolean>);
  // when we encounter a URL, try and parameterize it, such that something like
  // GET /uuids/123e4567-e89b-12d3-a456-426655440000 becomes GET /uuids/{uuid}
  attemptToParameterizeUrl?: boolean;
  // when we encounter a path without a response or with a response that does not have 2xx, dont include it
  dropPathsWithoutSuccessfulResponse?: boolean;

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