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haproxy stats socket utility


node.js haproxy socket access module

Haproxy can be partially controlled by sending messages to a socket. Enable the socket control by specifying

    stats socket /var/run/haproxy.sock

var haproxy = require('haproxy-sock-handler');

haproxy.config.socket = '/path/to/haproxy.sock';

The default configured value is '/var/run/haproxy.sock'

  • showStat(cb)

returns stats object

  • showBackendStat(backend, callback)

returns stats on specified backend

  • showInfo(cb)

returns general haproxy info

  • showHelp(cb)

returns socket help text

  • updateBackend(backend, data, callback)

sets weight/up/down/maint for specified backend

  • updateBackends(data, callback)

sets weight/up/down/maint for many backends

See for info on returned data