Happy plan is bundle of amazing tools to be used as a static website generator.


A fantastic preconfigured static website generator, based on Grunt.js

HappyPlan is a static website generator based on a bundle of amazing tools. It's just all about fun.

  • A task-based command line build tool: Grunt.js & all pre-defined tasks you'll need (scripts, styles & images automatic minification & compression).
  • A static website generator from html or markdown: assemble.
  • An amazing CSS pre-processor, Sass (via libsass).
  • Autoprefixer to automatically add CSS vendor prefix to your CSS, using to caniuse.com database.
  • A quick way to provide scalable icons as font thanks an awesome Grunt task grunt-webfont.
  • A Livereload server provided by the grunt-contrib-watch task to make development as fast as hell.
  • Support the Bower package manager to handle web components.

Notice: you can change/override/add stuff very easily, thanks to grunt. More about that in the documentation

Oh, by the way, why "happy plan" ? Here is not the answer.

Visit the documentation for all the things.

According you already have Node & NPM installed you can run this commands:

npm install -g grunt-cli happyplan-cli bower

Learn more about requirements.

Copy our Gemfile or create one with version you want, then

npm init
npm install happyplan --save-dev

When you want to fix a bug or add a feature, just be sure to get all testing requirements installed, & run tests before making your Pull Request.

You can run in one command the build process & the tests.

npm install
npm test

In case you don't know it yet, npm {cmd} just run the command {cmd} specified in the package.json script section. In our case, it run grunt test. And to be precise, the test task run the nodeunit one.

Features are tested using a simple build & a diff. Checkout test/features/* to find existing tested features. By default all features are tested, but you can run just some of them using the features option.

grunt test -features=feature1,feature2


Come up and say hello on IRC! We'll be glad to answer you if you have any questions.

#happyplan on irc.freenode.net

Follow us on Twitter to get latest news: @happyplanapp.

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