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    Happy simplifies your day-to-day git workflow:

    $ happy
    $ happy "Move the dates to ISO 8601"
    $ happy "Quick hot fix" --now

    happy analyzes your project to find the appropriate npm scripts to run and then commits and deploys those changes with git.

    Getting started

    First install it globally:

    npm install happy -g

    Then you can run it in your console, either with just happy or with happy "Message". Run happy --help anytime:

    $ happy --help
      Happy simplifies your day-to-day git workflow.
        $ happy
        $ happy "Message here" --now
        $ happy "Message here" --publish patch
        --now                Skip build, lint and tests to deploy the changes *now*
        --publish VERSION    Publish your package to NPM with "np VERSION --yolo"
        --patch              Alias for --publish patch
        --minor              Alias for --publish minor
        --major              Alias for --publish major
        $ happy
        ✔ Building project
        ↓ Linting
        ✔ Testing project
        ✔ Saving changes
        ✔ Downloading latest
        ✔ Uploading changes
        $ happy "Move the dates to ISO 8601"
        ✔ Building project
        ↓ Linting
        ✔ Testing project
        ✔ Saving changes
        ↓ Downloading latest
        ✔ Uploading changes
        $ happy --now
        ✔ Saving changes
        ↓ Downloading latest
        ✔ Uploading changes

    What it does

    It makes sure your project is ready to deploy, and then deploy it. For this, these are the steps:

    • "Building project": run npm run build if the "build" script is found in your package.json.
    • "Linting": run npm run lint if the "lint" script is found in the project package.json.
    • "Testing project": run npm test if the "test" script is found in the project package.json.
    • "Saving changes": add all of the files with git, equivalent to git add . && git commit -m "Saved on $TIME". Provide a message for a custom git message.
    • "Downloading latest": git pull
    • "Uploading changes": git push
    • "Publish to npm": only if the --publish flag is passed, publish it to npm.

    Run it with a string to use it as a commit string:

    happy "Added that new cool feature"

    Add a --now to skip building, linting and testing. It only runs these if they are found, so no need for --now if you don't have any of these npm scripts:

    happy --now

    Add a --publish VERSION flag to publish the current package to npm with np:

    happy --publish patch
    happy --publish minor
    happy --publish major
    happy --publish 5.0.0

    As an alias, you can do with just --patch, --minor or --major instead:

    happy --patch
    happy --minor
    happy --major
    happy --publish 5.0.0


    npm i happy

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