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You need to have vpn access to pod0 and nodejs installed (use LTS build).

  1. Point npm towards happn private npm server (pod0 ON)
npm config set registry
  1. Install package globally
$ npm install -g happn-integration-tests


If anything goes wrong please update and retry.

npm update -g happn-integration-tests


Getting started

Get some help

$ happn-test -h

Run tests against a custom build

$ happn-test -a path/to/my/build.apk

Run tests against a custom backend stack

$ happn-test -s preprod

Appium grid

By default tests are run on emulators / simulators on a macmini at the QA square. This is for debugging purpose and the grid might be busy or fail at any time. To run real tests you will need to use Sauce Labs / TestObject devices. This is done by configuring SAUCELABS_API_KEY environment variable. Ask the key to a maintainer.


Kevin Roulleau