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Asset management for Hapi

Getting Started

Install hapikachu by either running npm install hapikachu in your sites working directory or add 'hapikachu' to the dependencies section of the 'package.json' file and run npm install. Hapikachu is under development and is not yet ready for production.

Required permissions

hapikachu require route permissions to be granted on the server.

What you get

In your route handlers :

handler: function () {
    "alert('Hello world!');", 'inline'

In your templates :

  <%- assets.css %>
  <%- assets.js %>

Available options

hapikachu: {
  basePath: '/path/to/my/js/and/css/files',
  assets: {
    js: [
    css: [
        type: 'less',
        path:  '/less/',
        file: 'main.less'