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Hapi Water

A hapi plugin for waterline. This plugin replicates waterline usage in sails by:

  • Allowing you to define waterline models exactly as in sails
  • Use any sails waterline adapter
  • Gives you access to your models anywhere in the request cycle through the request toolkit (h.modelName._)


// Setup
const hapiWater = require('hapi-water')

const options = {
 adapter: require('sails-mysql'),
 adapterType: 'mysql',
 database: {
   name: 'myDb',
   user: 'user',
   password: 'password',
   host: 'localhost'
 modelPath: path.join(__dirname, './models')

await server.register({ plugin: hapiWater, options }, { once: true })

// Usage in handler
const pets = await

Model definition

// ./model/Pet.js
module.exports = {
  identity: 'pet',
  datastore: 'default',
  attributes: {
    id: { type: 'number', autoMigrations: { autoIncrement: true, autoCreatedAt: true, autoUpdatedAt: true } },
    name: { type: 'string' },    
  primaryKey: 'id'


  • adapter: Any of sail's available adapters
  • adapterType: The name of adapter, example: 'mysql', 'sails-disk', etc
  • database:
    • name: The database name
    • user: The database user
    • password: The database password (optional)
    • host: The database host
    • port: The database port (optional)
  • modelPath: Path to the directory where your models are defined.