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HALbert Build Status

HAL stands for Hypermedia Application Language. It proposes a media type for representing resources and their relations with hyperlinks.

This JS implementation is for the HAL-JSON variant, having the media type application/hal+json.

HAL Status

HAL-JSON is currently at its 5th revision as an Internet Draft at the IETF, and can be read here.

HALbert compliance with HAL

This Javascript implementation has been made to be mostly compliant with the current draft. The divergences with the draft being:

  • _links_ is still optional to a Resource, but if present, it MUST contain a self entry
  • Validation of templated URIs has not been implemented.



Install it via NPM:

npm install halbert

Then in your code

var parser = require('halbert').parser;


You can build halbert by using browserify.

%ROOT_PATH%/node_modules/browserify/bin/cmd.js index.js --standalone halbert

The generated file will be UMD-compatible, which means:

  • If you use it in an AMD application, HALbert will be available by doing require('halbert').
  • Otherwise, il will be available as window.halbert


Simply execute

var resource = parser(json_object)

If for any reason, the json_object does not describe a valid HAL Resource, an Error will be thrown.


  • Add examples for various situations (Node.js, Express, Ember, Angular, Backbone...)
  • Extend the scope to make it a writer of HAL Resources as well as a parser.
  • Better code documentation


MIT, see