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Like for collaborative development

Hacker Story

You are hacking away on your laptop, listening to music, you are smashing it, if only you could share this experience... You spin up a terminal...

$ npm install hackify -g
$ cd /Users/awesomeguy/cool_project
$ hackify

BAM! you have hosted a room, a collaborative coding space... No setup, No logins, Your code, on Your machine. You send the room link to your code bro's....***** They all hit the link... BAM! your all coding together You chat, you code, you listen to the same music, your coding awesomeness is now a shared experience. Congratulations you've been Hackified.

Command Line Goodness

Usage: hackify [options]


-h, --help             output usage information
-V, --version          output the version number
-n, --name [name]      Name for the room
-p, --pass [password]  Moderator password for the room
-s, --server [url]     Location of the hackify server []
-i, --ignore [regex]   Regex of folders to ignore [/(node_modules|.git)/]
-r, --readonly         Read Only


  • Node.js