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Command line utility for hosting local content in a room for collaborative editing


Like for collaborative development

Hacker Story

You are hacking away on your laptop, listening to music, you are smashing it, if only you could share this experience... You spin up a terminal...

$ npm install hackify -g
$ cd /Users/awesomeguy/cool_project
$ hackify

BAM! you have hosted a room, a collaborative coding space... No setup, No logins, Your code, on Your machine. You send the room link to your code bro's....***** They all hit the link... BAM! your all coding together You chat, you code, you listen to the same music, your coding awesomeness is now a shared experience. Congratulations you've been Hackified.

Usage: hackify [options]


-h, --help             output usage information
-V, --version          output the version number
-n, --name [name]      Name for the room
-p, --pass [password]  Moderator password for the room
-s, --server [url]     Location of the hackify server []
-i, --ignore [regex]   Regex of folders to ignore [/(node_modules|.git)/]
-r, --readonly         Read Only
  • Node.js