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Hacher.js npm version license type npm downloads ECMAScript 6 & 5

Quality-controlled cryptographic library for ES6 and ES5.

import Hacher from "hacher";
Hacher.getUUID();//returns some uuid according to the RFC 
Hacher.hash("somestringvalue");//generates a hash using the sha1 algorithm 

Quality and Compatibility

Build Status Coverage Status bitHound Score Dependency Status Dev Dependency Status

Every build and release is automatically tested on the following platforms:

node 0.12.x node 0.11.x node 0.10.x iojs 2.x.x iojs 1.x.x

Sauce Test Status

If your platform is not listed above, you can test your local environment for compatibility by copying and pasting the following commands into your terminal:

npm install hacher
cd node_modules/hacher
gulp test-local


Copy and paste the following command into your terminal to install Hacher:

npm install hacher --save

Import / Require

// ES6
import hacher from "hacher";
// ES5
var hacher = require("hacher");
// Require.js
define(["require"] , function (require) {
    var hacher = require("hacher");

Getting Started

Hacher provides a set of static methods under the main class useful for crypto-related use cases.


Returns a UUID according to the RFC.


Receives the string to hash and returns a hash using the sha1 algorithm.

How to Contribute

See something that could use improvement? Have a great feature idea? We listen!

You can submit your ideas through our issues system, or make the modifications yourself and submit them to us in the form of a GitHub pull request.

We always aim to be friendly and helpful.

Running Tests

It's easy to run the test suite locally, and highly recommended if you're using Hacher.js on a platform we aren't automatically testing for.

npm test