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An immersive command line interface for Habitica which features built-in emoji support, command history and tab completion!




Built on top of vorpal, this Habitica CLI is an interactive one that provides an array of functionality including the following:

  • Built-in emoji support 🔥⚡️
  • Listing, scoring, creating, deleting habits, tasks and todos
  • Scoring habits, tasks and todos
  • Creating/Deleting habits, tasks and todos
  • Accessing the rewards shop and buying gear/rewards
  • Casting spells
  • Fighting bosses
  • Showing quest progress
  • Command history
  • Tab completion
  • Short aliases for power users 🔥🔥

This project was summoned with ❤️ by @charlespwd.

Getting started

Quick start

Install habitica-cli on your computer:

npm install -g habitica-cli

Create a file ~/.config/habitica/auth.cfg (you may need to create the folder(s) and file) with the following contents:

login = USER_ID
password = API_KEY

Replace USER_ID and API_KEY with the corresponding tokens from your Habitica settings>API page.

Once that's done, all you have to do is start habitica from the command line:

$ habitica

Great! You're in the CLI! You can now list your tasks:

habitica $ habits
habitica $ dailies
habitica $ todos

You can also check them off:

habitica $ habits score 1 2 3
habitica $ habits score --down 1 2 3
habitica $ dailies complete 1 2 3
habitica $ todos complete 1 2 3

Or create new ones!

habitica $ new habit
habitica $ new todo
habitica $ new daily

In fact, most of the information you need on how to use any of those commands is available through the very VERY helpful help command. (We're not talking Windows Help here. We're talking about a no fluff list of everything you can do and their multiple aliases).

habitica $ help


    help [command...]                    Provides help for a given command.
    exit                                 Exits application.
    status                               List your stats.
    habits list                          List your habits.
    /* ... truncated for brevity ... */

habitica $ help todos list

  Usage: todos list [options]

  Alias: todos | t

  List your todos.


    --help                 output usage information
    -f, --filter [filter]  List filter type (all | dated | completed).

User Guide

For more in-depth examples of every single commands, you can check out the Wiki! Although it's a work in progress.


Help and PR's are extremely welcome :)




npm i habitica-cli

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