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A set of classes to simplify and extend reading from and writing to node.js Buffers.

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npm install h5.buffers

The npm package includes only the bare minimum required to use the library (i.e. the lib/ directory). Clone or download the repository if you need local access to doc/, example/ or spec/ directories.


Require the module:

var buffers = require('h5.buffers');

Instantiate any class and look up its API:

var reader = new buffers.BufferReader(new Buffer(256));
var builder = new buffers.BufferBuilder();
var queueReader = new buffers.BufferQueueReader();


Check out JSDoc comment in the source files or doc/ directory for API generated from these comments.


Check out example/ and spec/ directories.


To run the tests, clone the repository:

git clone git://

Make sure Grunt is installed globally: (if not, then check out the Grunt's Getting Started guide).

grunt -V

Install the development dependencies:

cd h5.buffers/
npm install

And execute the grunt test command.

To generate the code coverage report, execute the grunt coverage command. A detailed code coverage report will be generated in the build/coverage/ directory and can be viewed in the browser by opening the build/coverage/lcov-report/index.html file.


This project is released under the MIT License.