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    H2Wellness Developer's Randomizer

    The H2Wellness Developer's Randomizer is a small NodeJS utility module the publishes methods that provide often used data in a random manner.

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    npm install h2randomizer


    var randomizer = require("h2randomizer");

    Random First Name

    var str = randomizer.getRandomFirstNameSync();

    output Brock

    Random Last Name

    var str = randomizer.getRandomLastNameSync();

    output Acosto

    Random City Object

    Each city is based on real zip code information provided by the USPS.

    var o = randomizer.getRandomCitySync();

    output {"postalcode":"63112","city":"Saint Louis","state":"MO","longitude":"38.63","latitude":"-90.24"}

    Random Address One

    var str = randomizer.getRandomAddressOneSync();

    output 29 Monroe St.

    Random Address Two

    var str = randomizer.getRandomAddressTwoSync();

    output Mailstop 60

    Random Gender

    var str = randomizer.getRandomGenderSync();

    output male

    Random Email Domain

    var str = randomizer.getRandomEmailDomainSync();


    Random Password

    var str = randomizer.getRandomPasswordSync();

    output 6c24b952-8c22-4c24-abc2-cbc0e5cc7a94

    Random Boolean

    var b = randomizer.getRandomBooleanSync();

    output false

    Random Date

    randomizer.getRandomDateSync(startDate, endDate)

    var d = randomizer.getRandomDateSync(new Date("11/12/1998"),new Date());

    output Tue Mar 11 2014 00:25:26 GMT-0700 (PDT)

    Random Callback URL

    var str = randomizer.getRandomCallbackUrlSync();


    Random Phone Number

    var str = randomizer.getRandomPhoneNumberUsaSync();

    output 8627224951

    Random Description

    The method take one parameter, numberOfWords , which indicates the number of words to put in the description. If you leave the parameter null, the default is 10 words.

    var str = randomizer.getRandomDescriptionSync(4);

    output duncify undergaoler nawab thiosinamine

    Get Random Number Between Min and Max, Inclusive

    This method allows you get a randon number between a minimum and maximum value inclusively. The minimum value must be at least 1. The maximum value must be greater than the minimum value.

    var i,j;
    = 2;
    = 10;
    var num = randomizer.getRandomIntInclusiveSync(i, j);

    output 9

    An error is thrown when the min or max value is missing, when the min equals the max value or when the max value is less than the min value.



    npm i h2randomizer

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