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what it does:

  • it's wrapping following nodejs modules:
    • notp
    • qr
    • thirty-two


  • clean generation of base64 encoded qr png uri's
  • foolproof key generation
  • increased usability

how i do versioning:


  • x means: it will break
  • y means: it will most likely break but it will contain more features
  • z means: it will just contain bug fixes / changes that won't effect your stuff

overall this means.. you can just add package.json dependency's to y and everything should be fine.


npm install gzotp


var otp = require("gzotp");
// generate key:
var key = otp.gen();
// generate uri:
var uri = otp.uri(timebased /* true or false */, "description", key);
// generate qr code:
var qr = otp.qr(uri, cb);
// where cb is like:
var cb = function (data) {
   // data.uri contains a string like: ....awdawd==
   // data.raw contains raw png data

for usage there are:

otp.hotp for counter based tokens
otp.totp for time based tokens

for documentation about them take a look at:


this is not the final version.
i'll add some more abstraction to notp so it will be easyer to use.