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NodeJS One Time Password wrapper for notp, qr and thirty-two


  • it's wrapping following nodejs modules:
    • notp
    • qr
    • thirty-two
  • clean generation of base64 encoded qr png uri's
  • foolproof key generation
  • increased usability


  • x means: it will break
  • y means: it will most likely break but it will contain more features
  • z means: it will just contain bug fixes / changes that won't effect your stuff

overall this means.. you can just add package.json dependency's to y and everything should be fine.

npm install gzotp

var otp = require("gzotp");
// generate key:
var key = otp.gen();
// generate uri:
var uri = otp.uri(timebased /* true or false */, "description", key);
// generate qr code:
var qr = otp.qr(uri, cb);
// where cb is like:
var cb = function (data) {
   // data.uri contains a string like: ....awdawd==
   // data.raw contains raw png data

otp.hotp for counter based tokens
otp.totp for time based tokens

this is not the final version.
i'll add some more abstraction to notp so it will be easyer to use.