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A StreamStack implementation for encoding and decoding Gzip content.

This module exposes a gzipping and gunzipping StreamStack interface. Two classes are exposed: GzipEncoderStack and GzipDecoderStack.

There are currently no configuration options, but configuration for compression level (on the encoder, at least) could come in a later version.

Encoding Example

To encode data going into a writable stream, use the GzipEncoderStack class:

var fs = require('fs');
var GzipEncoderStack = require('gzip-stack').GzipEncoderStack;

var file = new GzipEncoderStack(fs.createWriteStream('hello.gz'));
file.write("hello world!\n");

// Hint: now try running `cat hello.gz | gunzip` to verify that it works!

Decoding Example

To decode data coming from a readable stream, use the GzipDecoderStack class:

var fs = require('fs');
var GzipDecoderStack = require('gzip-stack').GzipDecoderStack;

// Create a fs.ReadStream of the kernel config gzip file, and
// then wrap it in a `GzipDecoderStack` instance.
var config = new GzipDecoderStack(fs.createReadStream('/proc/config.gz'));

// Use the standard `Stream#pipe()` to print the decoded contents to 'stdout'.


npm install gzip-stack


  • Detect node-compress, and write a version that uses that by default.