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    Gymstreak is a utility to print an indicator of your recent gym attendance in your bash prompt.

    This only works with your Planet Fitness checkins. I am not affiliated with Planet Fitness and they may block this at any time.

    By default visits are shown with yellow, days off are shown in purple:

    Example of streak

    These characters and colors can be customized. See output format.


    Run npm i -g gymstreak


    There are two steps to set this up once installed.

    1. Install in your crontab

    Run crontab -e and add the following line. This will query the gym every hour for checkins.

    0 * * * * gymstreak fetch --username "xxxx" --password 'xxxx' --days "14"

    2. Configure your prompt in .bash_profile (or .bashrc):

    This will output your current streak in your prompt. If you've never done this before, I recommend you read this first:

    function gym_streak(){
        gymstreak format 2>/dev/null
    PS1+='$(gym_streak) '

    Output Format

    Use the format command's --went <spec> and --away <spec> options to control how the days you attend and/or don't attend the gym are formatted. The format of spec is: character[:color], where character is the character to display and color is an optional ANSI 256 color code.

    For example:

    gymstreak format --went x:201 --away o

    Will display days attended in a pink x and days away in an o using the default away color.

    Certain characters may appear squished together. In this case you can add a space to the end when specifying them:

    gymstreak format --went '💪 ' --away '💤 '

    Recent Changes

    Starting with v1.1, gymstreak reads and writes a file instead of relying on the file being piped through stdin/stdout. The default file is ~/.gymstreak but can be overridden by the --file option.




    npm i gymstreak

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