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The API this package used to rely on is not maintained anymore.


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JavaScript client for Gwent API.


yarn add gwent-api-client


import GwentAPI from 'gwent-api-client';
  // fetch the first 20 cards
  .cards({ offset: 0, limit: 20 })
  // fetch each cards in the list
  .then(res => Promise.all(;


The client exports convenient methods to request Gwent API. You will find a method for each API endpoints.{ href: string }, { fields?: string[] })

  1. { href: string } is the structure of an item returned by Gwent API. You can pass it directly to this method to fetch it.
  2. { fields?: string[] } array of properties to fetch.

For example, if you need the card arts you must fetch the variations list. You can do so as follows:

import GwentAPI from 'gwent-api-client';
  // Will resolve to the card with all its variations loaded
  .one(card, { fields: ['variations'] });

GwentAPI.<resource>(requestParameters?: Object)

Where <resource> is one of:

This method request the relevant endpoint and simply pass through the request parameters as query parameters. Please see Gwent API documentation for more details on the available options.

For example, you can fetch cards from a given offset to a given limit like so:

import GwentAPI from 'gwent-api-client';
  .cards({ offset: 10, limit: 20 });


Also exported are a set of useful helpers:

  • GwentAPI.getFaction(card): returns the card's faction

  • GwentAPI.isMonster(card): returns true if card is of Monster faction

  • GwentAPI.isNeutral(card): returns true if card is of Neutral faction

  • GwentAPI.isNilfgaard(card): returns true if card is of Nilfgaard faction

  • GwentAPI.isNorthernRealms(card): returns true if card is of Northern Realms faction

  • GwentAPI.isScoiatael(card): returns true if card is of Scoia'tael faction

  • GwentAPI.isSkellige(card): returns true if card is of Skellige faction

  • GwentAPI.Rarity(card): returns the card's rarity

  • GwentAPI.isCommon(card): returns true if card is common

  • GwentAPI.isEpic(card): returns true if card is common

  • GwentAPI.isLegendary(card): returns true if card is legendary

  • GwentAPI.isRare(card): returns true if card is rare

  • GwentAPI.Rarity(card): returns the card's group

  • GwentAPI.isBronze(card): returns true if card is bronze

  • GwentAPI.isGold(card): returns true if card is gold

  • GwentAPI.isLeader(card): returns true if card is leader

  • GwentAPI.isSilver(card): returns true if card is silver


3.0.0 - 2017-09-03

  • Remove .map()
  • Remove <resource>.one() and <resource>.list() (use <resource>() and one() instead)
  • Remove cache handler
  • Add helpers

2.1.0 - 2017-09-02

  • Add deprecation warning when calling <resource>.one(), <resource>.list(), .map() and using options.cache
  • Add <resource>() as a replacement for <resource>.list()
  • Add .one() as a replacement for <resource>.one()

2.0.1 - 2017-08-18

  • Fix fields option

2.0.0 - 2017-08-07

  • Add to make a maximum of 30 requests at a time
  • Add support for the If-Modified-Since header
  • Remove fetch polyfill

1.1.0 - 2017-07-09

  • Add NodeJS support

1.0.1 - 2017-06-26

  • Fix fields parameter when provided with several fields
  • Fix cache to differentiate urls when requiring fields

1.0.0 - 2017-06-21

  • Replace the unique methods (cards(), leaders(), ...) by .list() and .one()
  • Remove shorthand to load a list of items from a list
  • Move createClient to a separate method
  • Add a way to fetch an item's fields

0.2.0 - 2017-06-17

  • Fix package build

0.1.0 - 2017-06-10

  • Add wrappers for cards, leaders, categories, factions, groups and rarities
  • Add cache handler to avoid flooding Gwent API

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