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    Gunpoint API

    Gunpoint is a restful API for gun.js.

    Docker ? NPM Version ? Issues ? Stars ?

    You can fire it up with :

    npm run start

    or use npx gunpoint to instantly create a supercharged relay !

    You can also use the Docker package :

    docker pull

    If you want to try Gunpoint, it's here ! (Main playground running latest release)

    By the way, take a look at what's comming next :

    • [ ] A /set URI using gun.set()
    • [ ] Be able to submit array (array to JS Object function)
    • [ ] Redis caching support
    • [ ] Improve CLI !
      • [ ] Find another way to make gunpoint beautiful !
      • [ ] Support passing args in command line.
    • [X] Be able to configure Gun with config.json
    • [X] Docker image with CI on master branch

    What you can do, currently :

    /get/[key]: Use it to get data from a definied graph (GET request).
    /put/[key] + request body (in JSON): Add data in a specified graph (POST request).
    /put/[graph 1]/in/[graph 2]: Put the graph 1 in the graph 2 (POST request).
    /delete/[data]/in/[graph]: Delete defined data in a specified graph (DELETE request).


    npm i gunpoint

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