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    A MongoDB adapter for GunJS.

    Some Considerations

    gun-mongo stores the each graph node (along with some metadata) in a document and uses the key as the Mongo '_id'. This makes gun-mongo right for some application but not all.

    If the following are true, then gun-mongo could be right for you:

    1. No single node is huge (e.g., a users node with millions of children would be problematic). Most nodes are small to medium. Fair warning: If a node grows too large, it could overwhelm memory and cause crashes.
    2. Nodes are created more than updated.

    Contrast this with gun-mongo-key. Whereas gun-mongo-key has the advantage for updates and enabling streaming of large nodes, gun-mongo makes Node creation much more efficient.


    yarn add gun-mongo or npm install gun-mongo.

    const Gun = require('gun');
    // Must be added after Gun but before instantiating Gun
    // Instantiate Gun
    const gun = new Gun({
        file: false,
        web: httpServer,
        // The following are defaults. You can supply `true` to use all defaults, or overwrite the ones you choose
        mongo: {
            host: 'localhost',
            port: '27017',
            database: 'gun',
            collection: 'gun-mongo',
            query: ''


    Tests run on a 2012 Macbook Pro, 2.5 GHz Intel Core i5, 16 GB RAM.

    Small Nodes: 10 Properties Each

    • Write 10000 nodes: 14960ms; 14.96s; 1.496 ms/node
    • Read 10000 nodes: 7159ms; 7.159s; 0.716 ms/node
    • Full Update 10000 nodes: 24272ms; 24.272s; 2.427 ms/node
    • Update single field on 10000 nodes: 26881ms; 26.881s; 2.688 ms/node

    Medium Nodes: 1000 Properties Each

    • Write 1000 nodes: 17427ms; 17.427s; 17.410 ms/node
    • Read 1000 nodes: 12255ms; 12.255s; 12.243 ms/node
    • Full Update 1000 nodes: 27271ms; 27.271s; 27.244 ms/node
    • Update single field on 1000 nodes: 13280ms; 13.28s; 13.267 ms/node

    Issues & Contributing

    Issues welcome on Github.

    Community contributions welcome. PRs accepted after code review.


    npm i gun-mongo

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