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javascript api client for gumroad


a node.js api wrapper for

npm install gumroad-client
var Gumroad = require('gumroad-client');
var gumroad = new Gumroad('youremail', 'yourpassword', function(){
  gumroad.products.list(function(error, response){
    // response is an array of all your products

Be sure to read the api docs so you know what options to pass:

gumroad.session.create(email, password, callback)

create a gumroad session, called automatically when creating a new Gumroad object


destroy the session when finished

gumroad.products.create(options, callback)

create a new product

gumroad.products.retrieve(id, callback)

retrieve a product

gumroad.products.update(id, options, callback)

update a product

gumroad.products.destroy(id, callback)

destroy a product


list all products

gumroad.products.enable(id, callback)

enable a product

gumroad.products.disable(id, callback)

disable a product

Using nock and tap for testing.

Clone this repository, then run tests:

npm test

Run the example in example.js:

npm example