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This package is a collection of gulp tasks.


  1. Init project and install this package
npm init -y && npm i gulp gulpstart -D
  1. Make gulpfile and start with this
const gulp = require('gulp')
const start = require('gulpstart')

start(gulp, {})
  1. Checkout all the tasks you can run
gulp --tasks

Docker Commands

gulp dockerStopAll

Will stop and remove all currently running docker containers.

gulp startMongo

Will start a mongo db container

gulp stopMongo

Will stop and remove your mongo container


The seeder is a function can use in your gulp file. Example:

const gulp = require('gulp')
const start, { seed } = require('gulpstart')
const faker = require('faker')

    taskName    : 'seedStaff',
    url         : 'http://localhost:3000/api/staffMembers',
    amount      : 2,
    seed        : () => ({
        name      :,
        position  :,
        bio       : faker.lorem.sentences(),
        email     :

Specify the api endpoint, what you want to seed, and how many of them you want to seed, and the gulp task will execute the seeder.


Deploy runs now and deploys your project


A few gulp tasks that will setup loopback with mongo db after you have initialized a loopback project

Next JS

A few gulp tasks that will setup a next js project with and without graphql apollo client.