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Gulpit is an easy and fast configurable task library built around Gulp useable with a CLI. You just have to configure the 'gulpit-conf.js' file (< 2min). You will find a sample below.

How do I get set up?

  • Install the package with NPM: npm install --global gulpit
  • Create a 'gulpit-conf.js' file in the root of your project
  • cd where the 'gulpit-conf.js' is then run: gulpit

How do I use the CLI?

You have two main command when you are in the gulpit app:

  • Build: will build your files once
  • watch: will watch for file modifications then build after each new save
  • help: List the command available with descriptions

You have extra options like:

  • build --css: will only build css
  • build --prod: will build with the prod profile*

You can combine: build --js --prod: will only build js with the prod profile*

*Prod profile: will override the default options.

Which tools can I use?

For Javascript:

  • Browserify
  • Uglify (you can use both Browserify and Uglify)
  • Sourcemaps

For CSS:

  • Sass
  • Less
  • Sourcemaps
  • Autoprefixer

Sample 'gulpit-conf.js'

Here is an example of a specific config if you use browserify (with sourcemaps) and sass (with sourcemaps and autoprefixer):

module.exports = {
    projectName: 'test-project',
    profiles: {
        default: {
            js: {
                sourceFolder: 'dev/js/browserify/index.js',
                exitFolder: 'build/js/',
                exitFileName: 'app.js',
                tasks: {
                    browserify: { activate: true },
                    sourcemaps: { activate: true }
            css: {
                sourceFolder: 'dev/css/sass/index.scss',
                exitFolder: 'build/css/',
                exitFileName: 'style.css',
                tasks: {
                    sass: {
                        activate: true,
                        options: {
                            outputStyle: 'nested'
                    autoprefixer: {
                        activate: true,
                        options: {
                            browsers: ['last 2 versions']
                    sourcemaps: { activate: true }
        // Optional prod profile to disable sourcemaps
        // when you use '--prod' argument in the CLI
        prod: {
            js: { sourcemaps: { activate: false } },
            css: { sourcemaps: { activate: false } }

You can find the complete sample conf with all the tasks available in the test folder of this repo.

Extra info

  • The different options for sass.options.outputStyle are: nested, expanded, compact, compressed

  • If you use both Browserify and Uglify, the uglify.options.concat options will be ignored as browserify already concat all the files

  • File will be renamed after build only if you indicate a specific file for sourceFolder

  • You can the use prod profile by setting your NODE_ENV to "prod" instead of using the --prod option.

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