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Make a beautiful class-based gulpfiles with Typescript and Gulpfile.ts

Allows to create a gulp files in classes, each method of which can be a gulp task.


  1. Install module:

    npm install --save gulpclass

  2. Install required tsd dependencies:

    tsd install --save gulp


  1. Create a gulpfile.ts and describe your tasks

    import {Gulpclass, Task} from "gulpclass/Annotations";
    import * as gulp from "gulp";
    let del: any = require('del'); // you probably want to define a classes that does not have type definition this way
    export class Gulpfile {
        clean(cb: Function) {
            return del(['./dist/**'], cb);
        copyFiles() {
            return gulp.src(['./README.md'])
        @Task('copy-source-files') // you can specify custom task name if you need
        copySourceFiles() {
            return gulp.src(['./src/**.js'])
        @SequenceTask() // this special annotation using "run-sequence" module to run returned tasks in sequence
        build() {
            return ['copyFiles', 'copy-source-files'];
        default() { // because this task has "default" name it will be run as default gulp task
            return ['build'];
  2. How to run

    The way you run gulp depend of your tsconfig configuration. If you are not using "outDir" in the tsconfig then you probably don't need to do anything - since you are outputting .js code right to the same directory as your gulpfile.ts you will have gulpfile.js right in the same directory, so you can run gulp as you usually do.

    But if you are using "outDir" in your tsconfig, you need to do some extra stuff. Lets say you have specified "build/" as "outDir" in tsconfig. There are two options what you can do:

    • create gulpfile.js and put there require('build/gulpfile')
    • or run gulp in cmd with extra parameters: gulp --gulpfile build/gulpfile.js --cwd .

    First option is preferred because most probably it will be annoying for you to run gulp every time you need to run some task.


Its important to understand that you will not able to run your gulp tasks until you compile your gulpfile.ts file. This means that if compiling is a part of your gulp tasks you will not be able to use it, because there is no gulpfile.js compiled from gulpfile.ts file.


This project itself using gulpfile.ts. Take a look on it as an example.




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